To make lasting physical change, we must first shift our perspective to one that supports reaching our health goals.

– Alexis

Learn to Love the Journey

Title: Learning to Love the Journey What does it mean to “enjoy the journey”? Think about it; you’re about to embark on a weight loss “journey,” you have a goal, and an idea or expectation of ho...

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How To Love The Skin You’re In

Working as a health coach and personal trainer, I quite often hear my clients say, “I just want to be there already!” They have specific body parts that they want to, shrink, tone, or make...

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Top 5 Mind Shift Musts When Starting Over

Top 5 Mind Shift Musts When Starting Over Starting over is hard, no matter what area of life it’s in. I consider myself a well experienced “starter over” as I was not one who always knew what I ...

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