Fit Mind, Fit Body

It’s no secret people are stressed at work, but did you know that 75-90% of all doctors visits are due to stress-related health problems? Studies show chronic stress leads to health issues such as, high blood pressure, lowered immune system, heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Stress is not only killing our health, it’s destroying our productivity, costing employers an estimated $3,600 per employee, per year! Additionally, studies show distractions are costing organizations nearly $10,000 per employee, per year. At 100 employees that’s $1,000,000 per year lost to distractions alone!

So whats the solution?

Introducing Fit Mind Fit Body! By combining the power of both mental and physical wellness techniques, this program provides its clients with immediate stress reduction, improved heart function, focus, clarity and balance. Our sessions are on hour long, and begin with a 30 minute, calorie burning, strength building workout routine with Alexis Billings of Synergy Wellness. Secondly, become relaxed and re-energized with a discussion of mindfulness based stress reduction techniques followed by a guided guitar meditation with Shaun Glenn with Be Breathe Become Consulting.

The body benefits from movement. The mind benefits from stillness. Contact me for more info!!