Are you ready to get off the weight loss roller coaster and begin taking control of your health for good?

You’ve tried all the fad diets out there but you fall off the wagon.
You’ve dabbled in some cleanses and detoxes only to be left hungry and grumpy.
You want to lose weight, bloat less and have more energy and you’re sick of riding this roller coaster of ups and downs only to be left right back where you started.
You’ve searched high and low for the quick fix answers to end bloating, cravings and find the weight loss solution but nothing seems to stick.
You want change around your health and wellness but you just aren’t sure what to do anymore?

Does this sound like you?

Yes? Okay, good. Keep reading.

You’re ready to learn that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be this daunting task that leaves you overwhelmed and wanting to quit.

You’re ready to retire the sayings; “fell off the wagon”, “I failed at my diet this week.” or “I need to get back on the plan.” Better yet, you’re ready to drop the words “fail”, “diet” and “wagon” entirely from your vocabulary.

You’re ready to learn how to put the excuses away and to dig deep with the story that you’re telling yourself and question your thought patterns to decided if they are serving you or working against you.

You’re ready to work on yourself, with a small group of like minded individuals and receive unconditional support with your own Health Coach and Fitness Trainer.

You’re ready to invest quality time, energy and thoughts into the most important thing you have, your health.

You’re ready for a challenge that will lead you to true transformation.

You’re ready to feel the fear and do it anyway in a supporting and loving environment.

Does this sound like you?

Good! You’re in the right place and I’ve got your back.

The honest truth is that you are all capable of reaching your goals. Every single one of you.

What happens is that challenges come up and we are either 1) not ready to tackle them 2) don’t know how to tackle them or 3) subconsciously don’t think we deserve to move past them

You know that until these limiting beliefs are worked through, you’ll always be on the roller coaster.

The only way to get off the ride safely is to retrain your brain while you train your body. This is a true, full transformation. I have been on a similar journey and that is why I feel so passionately about the work that I do.

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In the 12 week Evolve Into Awesomeness True Transformation Program starting September 11th through December 1st 2017 you will:

Get 12 weeks of fun and challenging small group exercise classes 3 mornings a week for 45-60 minutes, focusing on flexibility training, strength training, cardiovascular training, high intensity interval training to blast body fat and improve heart rate

Weekly 15 minute group coaching after class to discuss specific topics or barriers that support mindset training (included in class time)

Mindset training. Develop awareness of your daily thoughts and learn how to keep them from holding you back to further evolving into awesomeness.

Bi-weekly (6) 1:1 coaching sessions virtual and in person with me

Develop healthier eating habits without deprivation or guilt

Learn how to take care of YOU while also taking care of the ones you love

You will lose weight and inches and feel more comfortable in your clothes

You will gain energy and learn what to eat, so you bloat less and are in control of your cravings

You will be happier and gain habits to sustain your weight loss so you will not ever have to diet again

Through customized bi-weekly virtual and in person 1:1s, accountability check ins via text/email and with group coaching involving an intimate group of like minded people, on a similar journey, this Evolve Into Awesomeness True Transformation program will get you from tired, bloated, overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to get healthy to lighter, inspired, energized, empowered, happier and healthier with the knowledge and skills to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

There is nothing like this program in Vegas. The deep level of personalized commitment that you will be getting from me and your team doing this with you does not exist in our area and I’m so excited to be able to offer this to a limited amount of people.

I’m looking for 8 to 10 men and woman who want to lose up to 50lbs and are ready to commit to their health. If you are ready and you like what you are reading about this program than I invite you to sign up for my Beta Evolve Into Awesomeness True Transformation Program launching Monday, September 11th.
This is a Beta program, so I’m offering it at very special one time price of $200.00 for 12 weeks of awesomeness. Prices will increase August 14th and sign ups close August 25th. Program starts September 11th and runs until December 1st. Fitness classes will take place at Lone Mountain Regional Park (9825 W Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89129). We will finish this program off with a Wellness Party with raffles, giveaways and other goodies!

To sign up, please click the “Buy Now” button below to be directed to PayPal. I will be following up with you to schedule your consultation and evaluation!
Got questions? I’ll be happy to answer any, please email me at synergywellnesslv@yahoo.com

I look forward to rocking it with you through the Fall!

– Alexis