I use education, coaching and accountability to empower my clients to transition to a healthier lifestyle with ease. I work closely with you to ensure you feel confident throughout this transformation as you build your tool box of tips and strategies to live your best life. I will help you develop new habits in making healthy choices, not just around food but your lifestyle. By understanding your life triggers (sleep, food, exercise, stress, relationships, etc.) I teach you how to manage them effectively in order not to disrupt your healthily daily lifestyle choices.


  • Learn better stress management techniques
  • Learn meal prep tools
  • Become more savvy with sugar
  • Learn how to better manage cravings
  • Manage emotional triggers that impact food choices
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-worth and love

I offers a variety of health coaching packages based your needs. I also include in-person health coaching sessions along with my personal training packages.

Total Transformation: 6 months
This is the Gold standard in Transformation packages. If you are tired of the extra weight and ready to make a serious change, there is no better program than this. I provide hands on coaching for a very personalized experience while you embark on a life changing journey not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. I will be there with you each step of the way. Lose up to 50lbs (.5lb to 2 lbs per week for a healthy weight loss).

Program includes:

  • 12 hours of personalized health coaching (online)
  • Kitchen Audits (in person)
  • Shopping Sessions (in person)
  • Monthly measurements
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Check–ins (as needed by you)

Get into Your Dress Without Stress (Bride to Be Program) 
The ultimate bridal package. I spoil my brides with love, support and accountability. This package is more intense for faster results and is personalized to your specific health and fitness goals as well as having you look smashing on your special day. Lose up to 24lbs in 12 weeks.

Program includes:

  • 2 days/week of personal training
  • Workouts to do when we aren’t together
  • Sugar Free & Sexy Program included
  • 6 hours of online health coaching
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Daily accountability & check-ins
  • Kitchen audit & shopping session (in person)
  • Tons of Bridal goodies

Kitchen and Shopping Sessions

Kitchen Audit
Kitchen Audits help assess what foods and drinks you currently buy support a healthy living lifestyle. I will review all items in your fridge and pantry and together you will decide what to keep and what to toss as well as how to store certain items (see, treats) in your home to avoid temptation. Handouts are included to use as a guideline. A Kitchen Audit takes about an hour, sometimes slightly over depending on the size of the kitchen. Cost: $60.00

Shopping Session
Shopping Sessions follow a Kitchen Audit and allow me to help with finding healthier versions of the foods you toss or would like to start incorporating into your diet. You will meet me at the store and discuss what to look for on food labels and the best areas of the store to focus on when buying food. Shopping Sessions last about an hour. Cost: $60.00

Combo Kitchen Audit & Shopping Session purchase costs $100.

Contact me for pricing and more information.