To reach our personal health and wellness goals, we must break old behavior patterns that no longer serve us.

At Synergy Wellness, I believe that to attain our optimal health, there are four human components that need to be well supported. We move through life mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. My classes, personal training, and programs are designed to help you reach your best self by not just focusing on your physical body, but incorporating your mental, spiritual and emotional health as well. When these components that make up who we are as human beings are working in synergy, we evolve into a better, healthier person and not just for ourselves but for the people around us.

Mental shifts come before physical transformation. So ask yourself, is your mindset supporting you or blocking you from reaching your health goals? This is the first thing we must be open to shifting before we embark on a lifestyle transformation. Our mindset creates our reality. When we want to change habits, we must first change the way we think, then we can change our daily habits. Thoughts create our actions.


We all want to feel good in our physical body, eating right and regular exercise will put you on the path to feel just that. A healthy diet and regular exercise will result in a change and improvement in the physical body. Including losing weight, building muscle, an increase in metabolism, easing digestive issues, bloating less, lowering blood pressure, improved heart rate, mental clarity, enhanced mood and so much more!


Awareness allows us to live on a higher, more evolved level. When you tune into your thoughts and understand how they affect your habits and your mood, you become more aware of where you’re at, making it easier to work on these thoughts or behaviors that no longer serve us and develop new, healthier ones.


We all want to feel good. Learn how to feel happiness and joy even when you aren’t quite where you want to be. Transformation is a tough journey but it is possible to enjoy it.



By incorporating stress and time management techniques, self-care, meal prep routines, and other strategies that help us function better in our daily lives, you will begin to evolve into a healthier and happier version of yourself.

This type of self work takes time but working with an educated passionate coach can help you through this process with ease and accountability to reach your healthiest life possible.