I hired a personal trainer to get into shape so I can do things I have always wanted to do. Alexis seemed to understand what I wanted to accomplish. Before Alexis, I was not focused on exercise or the types of food I ate.

Working with her was a great experience. The big thing that she helped me change the way I look at healthy eating and how it effects my body. By helping me change the way I eat and exercise, I am losing weight and I am able to get out and enjoy doing things I have not done in a long time. I am more active.

I would absolutely recommend her to someone. She is very supportive and keeps in contact with you to make sure you’re on track. She is there for you and will help any way she can so you reach your goal!”

-Jon B. May 2017-Oct. 2017 27lbs down

I loved working with Alexis! In 3 months, I incorporated healthier eating habits and became more mindful of portion control, incorporated more naturally sweet treats to crowd out processed treats, began a strength training regimen, improved my run time, increased my number of push-ups, and lost weight. Alexis is so positive and encouraging; I never felt embarrassed to tell her when I was struggling or deviated from our plan. She is very knowledgeable and creative, allowing her to create a plan that fits into just about anyone’s lifestyle. I highly recommend her as a health coach!”

– Brittany W. Las Vegas, NV

This is truly a program that will transcend the three months spent with Alexis. I hope many other bride-to-be’s will choose this program if they look to give their eating, fitness, and other well-being patterns a bit of a make-over. Couldn’t be happier that I did!”

-Carrie Ercolano, Las Vegas, NV

Working with Alexis was a truly trans-formative experience. She works with you in all aspects of wellness to help you make long lasting changes in your life. Not only did I lose weight and am feeling the healthiest I’ve ever felt, she left me with the tools I need to maintain my healthy lifestyle in the future.”

-Thomas B