It’s four weeks in to your new lifestyle change program and the scale says you’ve lost 5 1/2 lbs. so far. As you roll your eyes you think, Ugh, that’s it! I’ve been working so hard, I just want to be there already!

In an act of desperation, you sign up for the newest and latest quick fix, fad diet/cleanse/detox that promises you will lose 10 pounds in 10 days.

After just 10 days on this diet, you’re 10 pounds down! You’re thrilled and can’t wait to tell others about your success.

Then real-life kicks in. Here are a few examples or feel free to add your own…

  • You must work overtime and dinner doesn’t get made, so you stop for fast food on your way home because you’re ravenous. The next day you’re up 2 lbs.
  • Or, you go on a trip with a bunch of friends and decide you’ll get back on your “diet “when you return. You come home to find you’ve gained 5 lbs.
  • Or, how about this one, you’ve been depriving yourself of things you love for so long that when you “cave to your crave” you end up over eating and feel it’s hopeless to get “back on track.”

These scenarios may leave you feeling defeated and thinking it’s difficult to maintain weight loss. That’s the thing about diets, detoxes and cleanses, they meet our need of instant gratification, but don’t supply us with the tools for sustainability, leaving us feeling dependent on this restrictive way of life.

However, lasting weight loss doesn’t come from that place. It must come from a true transformation. True transformation is not stopping when things get hard but proactively thinking about solutions to help you move past your current challenge. This is what pushes you to evolve, grow and learn the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The truth is, transformation takes time and has it’s own schedule. Most people lack the patience necessary to engage and persist through a deep transformation and achieve lasting results. They get stuck on the repetitive weight loss roller coaster, fluctuating through the ups and downs and constantly “falling off the wagon”. This is why “dieting” has such a bad rap and some struggle to enjoy the journey because we only feel good when things are working the way we want them to and have no idea what to do when real life kicks in.

So, what does it take to achieve a true lifestyle transformation and reap the benefits of lasting results? The willingness to do the things we haven’t done in order to achieve the things we haven’t achieved. Once this truth is understood, the path to true lifestyle transformation becomes clear. The only question left is, are you willing to embark on that amazing journey?

Know before you go – these are key, people.

The 3 Truths to Experiencing a Positive Transformation Journey

  1. Lasting results don’t happen overnight – nothing worth having ever comes easy.
  2. We are all capable of reaching our greatest goals if we are willing to step outside of comfort zone and learn to do things we haven’t done before.
  3. Usually, when we hit the point of wanting to give up, that’s right before a massive breakthrough is about to happen. So, stick with it and never give up.

So tell me, what wagon do you keep getting on or off of right now? How can you push yourself forward to get to that next level?