Top 5 Mind Shift Musts When Starting Over

Starting over is hard, no matter what area of life it’s in. I consider myself a well experienced “starter over” as I was not one who always knew what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve made career changes, started a new business (twice), veered very far off my path, needing to find myself again and rebuild many areas of my life; I’ve gotten myself in amazing shape – lost it, had a beautiful relationship for 7 years – lost it, started a fitness business with wonderful opportunities handed to me – lost it. All within one year and before the age of 30.

My 20’s were filled with valuable learning experiences that forced me to make massive shifts if I wanted to be successful when starting over. I’ve learned a ton and I’m passionate about self-growth, so I’m here to share my top 5 mind shift musts when starting over.


I spoke of acceptance in my previous blog, How To Make This Year Your Best Year Yet – but, acceptance is a must when living happy, authentically and moving forward. Many of us have a hard time with acceptance.

No matter what we are starting over in, we must accept our situation for what it is. It may be a mistake, but it’s definitely a learning experience. If we stay in denial of what is happening and do not accept our current truths, for example, denying unhealthy weight, or daily habits that do not serve us, then it is that much harder to move forward. When we accept something as our truth, we take ownership of our reality and can become a better person. We must accept that something has happened, ended, fallen a part, didn’t work, etc., to move on.


This one was so difficult for me. We are only human, we must forgive ourselves for our past, for it not working out, for falling off the wagon, veering off our path. Whatever it is, forgive yourself. When we resist forgiveness, we only hurt ourselves. Allow peace in your heart as you begin to turn the page and start a new chapter.

This can take time, so be patient with your heart and mind, but never stop working toward acceptance and forgiveness. You’ll then be ready to let it go…

Let it Go

This one was also very challenging for me because I had not forgiven myself first, yet I was trying to move on.

When we live in our past, we let it define our present and future. The thing is, after you’ve done your work to accept your truth, forgive yourself and learned from your mistakes, it’s time to write a new story – stop telling yourself the old story. Your past does not define you, so stop reliving it, stop dwelling on it and let that shit go.

In 2014, I had a hard time letting go of the mistakes I made in 2013 – I was reliving the story over and over in my head and of course this kept me from pushing forward confidently and being successful. Accept. Forgive. Let it go. Smile. Focus on the new.

Meet Yourself Where You’re At

Through Health Coaching, I’ve worked with many people who just want to be “there” already. They push themselves too hard and end up feeling like failures and then give up. They compare themselves to where they were in the past (guilty of that), and then “should” themselves, which only makes you feel worse about where you are in your journey to wellness.

When you focus on the now, you can meet yourself where you’re at. You realize that you are where you should be and it’s great! Set realistic intentions for where you’re headed, take your learning experiences with you and allow yourself to be where you are every single day. You are okay!

Get Positive

The mind is a powerful tool. It can either work for you or against you. What we tell our self becomes our reality. When starting a new, we must be optimistic, open to possibility and lead with enthusiasm.

This energy and mindset opens up doorways that lead you to more light and takes you further along your path. It’s inevitable that obstacles arise, but your positive mindset, openness and enthusiasm will carry you through.

We don’t always have the answers to “how” when starting over but staying open to possibility will take care of that. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. You are where you’re supposed to be, you’ve got everything you need to move forward.

Does the idea of training your brain just seem too hard and leave you scratching your head asking, how do I do this? where do I start?

I get it, we’re busy people, and this work usually gets put on the back burner, but it’s vital in making sustainable changes in your health and wellness. So, I invite you to a one on one, Discovery call to begin learning how simple retraining your mind can be – step by step. I’ve got a few spots open for Health Coaching and I’d hate for you to miss an opportunity to change your life.

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